About Us

Picture this ... thousands of women gathering on a beautiful summer day.

As each woman steps up to the start line, she brings with her everything it took to get to this moment. She brings all her challenges, her triumphs, her setbacks and her dreams.

She brings her story.

And she is welcomed here. Every woman and her unique path is seen and celebrated through the race experience with thoughtful touches and knowing details. And she is surrounded by other women who have shown up to challenge themselves, find community and write their next chapter.

This is Made to Move.

We launched the Made to Move Women’s Race Series in the middle of a pandemic, during the most uncertain of times. We did so because we could not wait any longer to bring this experience to women and to disrupt the way races have been delivered to them.

We are a team of women runners and we know there is always a “why” behind a woman’s movement — a driving force behind her steps and a reason she runs and signs up for races.

Over the past decade, through running races, partnering with them through our businesses or talking to fellow runners, we have come to know what’s been missing from most race experiences. We understand what women want and what they deserve. It’s what we crave as well.

And it’s what we are here to create.

We are passionate about celebrating women’s goals, accomplishments and stories and creating spaces for women to come together and share them. Running unites us, and the “why” that each of us carries propels us forward on the most incredible journeys.

Launching the Made to Move race last June was a pinnacle moment for us, and we invite you to join us in continuing and elevating this movement we have started. This is a race for all of us, and it’s best run together.

Fiercely united,
Mel Charbonneau, Jennifer Patterson, Katie Vaughn and Holly Visser
The Made to Move Team