Lindsey Hein is Coming to Made to Move

I distinctly remember meeting Lindsey Hein for the first time.

It was over Skype and she was interviewing me for her well-known and beloved “I’ll Have Another” podcast. I was a bit nervous because when I reviewed the past guests that Lindsey has interviewed, I felt very, very small in comparison to these famous athletes and runners. Who was I amid this impressive line-up? What would I have to say?

Lindsey popped up on my computer screen, and after just a few laughs and exchanges about the hustle of getting kids out the door so we could work, I felt completely at ease. We ended up talking for nearly two hours, most of which made the podcast and some of which was just two women getting to know each other and sharing their stories.

Also, I did not feel small while talking to Lindsey. If anything, her questions pulled out all of these really important and BIG things I wanted to say and express. I think this is what makes a great interviewer though — the ability to get your guest into her flow so much so that she forgets about her nerves and begins to speak deeply into her passions.

In talking with Lindsey that day, and in the days that have followed, I have realized why I am so drawn to her good energy: She cares about and believes in the power of community. She understands the importance of going one layer deeper and getting to the good stuff and then celebrating it. If you read her social posts, you’ll see her drawing you in as the reader too — Why do you run? What is driving you? What does running give you?

Also, here’s where I insert the ‘this is what brave looks like’ moment.

I remember at the end of our conversation how much I really wanted to ask Lindsey to come to Made to Move this June. I saw her being such an inspirational voice that we could bring into our events, and I knew how much she’d align with our goals of building community and honoring the stories of women attending.

But our race is still very small, and we’re still in the early stages of growth. We wouldn’t be able to offer the biggest stage, but maybe — just maybe — we could offer her the most meaningful one. It’s worth asking, right?

And so I did. And the conversation that followed went something like this, Lindsey saying:

YES! Let’s make it happen. I’d love to be part of what you’re putting together. This is exactly the type of event I’m interested in right now.

For the past few months we’ve been working on the details, but I can tell you right now that Lindsey will be hosting our Made to Inspire event on Friday evening at the Garver Feed Mill in Madison. We’re excited to announce some other guests that will join us for this conversation, but rest assured our goal for the evening is to inspire, connect and remind all of us how interwoven our stories really are. From the moment we decided to create this race, we knew it needed to be about each woman’s whole story.

The athlete.
The person.
The dreamer.
The giver.
The risk taker.
The believer.
The first timer.
The seasoned veteran.
The woman nervous to show up.
The woman determined to make it happen.
The woman knowing this is her time.
The woman ready to get out of her own way.
The woman who’s trained.
The woman who’s winging it.
The woman who’s doing it for her friend.
The woman who’s doing it for herself.
The woman who knows she’s meant for more.

Every woman, every story.

We are getting so excited for this race weekend. We’ve spent the past couple of weeks aligning all our events and ideas with a renewed vision of how we want and need this weekend to look.

Lindsey joining us brings this vision to life in such a powerful and meaningful way.

Now, a few things about this Friday event!

You can register directly in your RunSignup registration. If you’ve already registered, you can easily go back in and add this event. If you can’t attend the race but want to attend Friday evening’s event, we’ve added a ticket option for you! Click here and you’re all set.