Meet Your Made to Move Hype Queen!

It’s time to introduce our chief cheerleader and queen of hype!

The energy this woman gives off is electric.
The way she celebrates other women is inspiring.
Her questions and insights are powerful.
Her ability to make you immediately know you belong is remarkable.

And her finish line hugs are seriously THE BEST.

I’m so excited to announce our chief cheerleader and queen of hype for this year’s Made to Move race …  

Nikki Carter.

She’s a friend, mentor and leader. She’s a motivator. She loves building community, and she’s a born connector. And this year, she’ll be the voice that inspires you these next three months of training leading up to June 11th.

Last year as one of our virtual team leaders, she organically also became our chief cheerleader. It just happened because this is who Nikki is — it’s the essence of her. Her voice and her positivity was felt by every woman running our race, virtually or in-person.

She would often come into the MTM Facebook page with heartfelt and powerful video messages, reminding all of us to keep moving forward and to remember our power. And behind the scenes, she’s offered so many ideas to our team on how we can live up to the standard we wish to create where every woman who participates in Made to Move feels like she belongs and knows her story matters.

In the many conversations our team has been having these past couple years, I am grateful for Nikki’s openness and willingness to share her experiences in the running and triathlon space — what she’s loved, what’s been missing, what she’s noticed and what she’s felt.

Nikki is a ‘call in’ kind of friend to me, and I’m thankful. She’s called me in so many times to help me understand and see through a wider lens, and it’s made a difference in how we talk about this race.

I want Nikki to lead you this training season. Hell, I want her to lead ME.

I want her cheering us on, but more importantly, I want her gentle yet firm reminders of our collective power, beauty, resilience and strength to become the heartbeat that we’re all synced up to. I want her hyping us up and giving us good vibes and setting the tone for what community looks like.

The other really cool thing about Nikki serving as our chief cheerleader and hype woman is she will be a virtual participant this year! In our planning conversations, she has been so thoughtful in how we include all the women who will be running and participating virtually this year. She wants every woman — no matter her pace, her story, her why or where she’s running — to feel included in this year’s event.

So to all you ladies who can’t attend in person but want to feel connected to something inspiring and powerful these next months, NIKKI HAS GOT YOU.

You can expect regular video drops from Nikki on the MTM social channels in the weeks leading up to race day. Get ready to be inspired and motivated. And if you haven’t signed up for Made to Move because you can’t be here in person, we hope you’ll reconsider and jump in to the excitement.

No matter where your feet are on June 11th, we want you part of this event. We want to celebrate your running story. Nikki says so.