Launch a new race series in the middle of a global pandemic? Heck yes!

Because we weren’t going to let anything take this dream away from us and the women who needed and deserved this experience.

While the pandemic upended our plans constantly, we remained true to our vision of creating a race experience that honors, supports and celebrates all women, up to the start line and victoriously through the finish line.

We were able to host more than 100 women in Madison, Wisconsin, along the beautiful looped 10K course in the UW Arboretum. On a sunny June day, women gathered with their friends and family, ran their hearts out and finished with hands in the air and huge smiles on their faces. The words we heard over and over throughout the day ranged from “oh, how I’ve missed this” to “racing’s back,” and the tears, smiles and hugs shared as runners greeted one another is something we will never forget!

We also felt the energy and support of the hundreds of women who chose to race virtually. In nearly every state and even a few countries outside the U.S., women ran on their own turfs and their own terms, bringing the spirit of Made to Move with them and adding their own unique story to it.

Many joined one of our 13 different virtual teams that provided community throughout the training journey, and many either hosted or attended a race-day meet-up in their own town. And so many tuned in for our 10 days of virtual programming — packed with speakers, conversations, writing prompts, workshops and more — leading up to race day.

This debut race taught us that we are made to dream, made to persevere, made to connect, made to support, made to cheer, made to celebrate and, absolutely, made to move!

Race video by Steena Cirves. Race photos by Angie Krey and contributed by our in-person and virtual race participants.